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Higher Education

We can elevate the curriculum of Higher Education Institutions with our cutting-edge modules tailored for aspiring performers at your institution.


Championing the integration of Aerial skills within dance degree courses, your institution propels the program into a realm of brilliance and innovation. Picture dancers defying gravity, mastering the art of both the floor and the air – a dynamic fusion that not only amplifies physical prowess but also cultivates a rare and exhilarating versatility. This thrilling addition not only catapults the degree's profile to new heights but also magnetically attracts aspiring performers seeking an education that transcends tradition. Our bespoke modules inject an electrifying dimension into the degree as well as the general world of dance, igniting creativity, strength, and unparalleled flexibility making your institution an irresistible choice for those looking for an extraordinary and dynamic dance education.


In 2010, we started offering three degree-level Aerial Performance Modules for Higher Education:

  • Aerial Dance: Breaking Ground seamlessly combines theory with hands-on practical training: Students delve into harness techniques and explore the rich history of aerial dance.
  • Our Aerial Circus module teaches to master essential skills and unleash their creativity by crafting their own study performance piece.
  • The Independent Aerial Project module fosters a dynamic learning environment, allowing students to function as mini aerial performance companies: They conceptualize and execute their own aerial performance piece, incorporating circus or harness techniques, while collaborating with our skilled Technical Director to bring innovative aerial ideas to life. 


In 2014, we created two Aerial Performance Modules for the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), prominently featuring Bungee-Assisted Dance.

We deliver these modules to second and third-year students.

In the second year, students delve into Aerial Circus, a program managed by our Director of Learning & Development Michaela Anders. In addition, we employ aerial circus teachers who are not only highly skillededucators but also professional aerial performers. What sets our instructors apart is their extensive background in dance, enabling them to impart skills with a creative and performance-focused edge.

In the third year, students take a unit called The Versatile Performer. Over eight weeks, they learn the skills of Bungee-Assisted Dance, a technique created by us. Michaela Anders spearheads this unit, sharing her passion and expertise in Bungee-Assisted dance with the students. In this module, we explore dance fused with the dynamic element of bungee, equipping students with the skills and knowledge enhancing their understanding of height, flight, and artistic expression with a choreographed set study.


Furthermore, students are treated to two enriching masterclasses led by Michaela and Wendy Hesketh-Ogilvie, our Artistic Director, with Jamie Ogilvie, our Technical Director. These masterclasses offer students a glimpse into diverse facets of aerial performance, contributing to future employability. Covered subjects include counterbalance, where dancers are lifted into the air as they dance; vertical wall techniques involving a 90-degree angle tilt; two-point counterbalance, enabling forward and backward rotations while suspended; and stunt work utilizing a full-body harness.


Notably, the results of our collaboration with LIPA have been impressive, with a remarkable 91% of students achieving upper second-class grades or higher in the previous year. Many of them have chosen to explore and pursue further opportunities in the exhilarating world of aerial performance.


We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach with educational institutions, such as LIPA, where we delve into the unique needs and aspirations of each establishment to understand their specific requirements and discern how our aerial education programs can elevate their offerings, setting them apart in the educational landscape.


Our wealth of expertise enables us to tailor bespoke aerial education packages. By doing so, we not only align our teaching objectives and learning outcomes with the institution's framework but also enhance their courses with a specialized focus on both the physical and theoretical aspects of aerial performance. Additionally, we provide guidance on the development and management of assessment processes.


If you're interested in discovering how Wired Aerial Theatre can help your educational institution soar above the rest, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to collaborating with you to unlock the full potential of your students in the captivating world of aerial performance.