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Bungee-Assisted Dance

What is it?

It’s an ingenious dance technique originally developed by Wired in 1999. It allows a ground based performer that's connected to a bungee to dance and move anywhere in the air as well as on the ground/stage.


How does it work?

The performer wears a special harness designed by Wendy and Jamie and is connected to a bespoke bungee. The bungee is connected to the harness at the back of your body, so you can move with no restrictions in front of you, and is tensioned so that you move and dance dynamically around the floor, whilst experimenting in lift, flight, bounce and power. 

The combination of refined equipment and specific physical training allows Wired to produce vocabulary and effects that confidently break new ground, seamlessly fusing dance and fitness techniques with flight and suspension.


How was it created?

Wendy and Jamie conceived the idea to better combine their two areas of expertise; Wendy's experience of contemporary dance and Jamie's inventive aerial technical know-how, formed from his many years of climbing mountains and competition climbing.

Over the last 16 years it has developed into a constant obsession and exploration into the exaggeration of physical moments, which are impossible to perform without the use of this specific equipment set up.

More so now, its development is rooted in its versatility in its use. Theatrically, to fuse theatre with aerial movement to enhance a theme. In Dance, to allow a performer freedom of movement on the ground and to easily access the space above the usual travelled airspace.

Bungee-Assisted Dance is also of course the most exciting way of keeping fit and healthy too!


Can I learn to do it?

Yes you can!

For those who want to aim towards teaching Bungee-Assisted Dance we have an Affiliation scheme which guides you perfectly through the steps of learning the technique and we support you to go on to teach it safely and with inspiration and ingenuity in your own venue. Should you wish to find out more about this, click here.


We teach all levels of ability and experience in workshops at The Higher Space from non-dancers and those more interested in fitness focussed workouts, through to professional performers. We have carefully noted and recorded this technique from conception to now and we never cease to update, refine and add to the multitude of skills, strengthening exercises, training exercises and sequences that we have designed carefully to train the body to be able to dance in harmony with the bungee. The amazing thing is that the more experienced you become at working with Bungee-Assisted Dance, the more you lose sight of the bungee and the more you witness the superhuman performer take to the air.

We have welcomed students and lecturers, professional performers and artistic directors from around the globe, including Aeriosa (Canada), Touch Compass Dance Trust (New Zealand), Zenergy Fitness Studio (Thailand) and CORE Concert Dance Company (USA).

Dont forget that we can also come to you - contact us if you would like to explore bouncing in your region rather than ours. Bungee-Assisted Dance is universal and adaptable, we look forward to welcoming you!

You may have already seen Bungee-Assisted Dance used in an artistic way at theatres near you. From the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre’s knock out production of Peter Pan, to major UK festivals such as Glastonbury, Greenwich and Docklands International Festival and Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF), Wired have had no shortage of platforms to showcase their work - or for that matter, teach it to hundreds of enthusiastic dancers, many who travel from all over the world to learn this incredibly versatile technique.


While aerial dance as a genre is gradually building it still remains largely undefined. Wired is steadily working to raise its profile through international conferences, courses and opportunities offered at our Centre for Aerial Excellence The Higher Space, and our high profile tours and bespoke performances around the globe.