Wired Aerial Theatre

About Us

Our History

Wendy and Jamie formed Wired Aerial Theatre in 1999 whilst working for the iconic Argentinean company De La Guarda. Their love affair of the show and each other grew from that moment. Using climbing techniques, contemporary dance and a newly found need to fly as their catalyst, they found every opportunity to hang a rope, build a bungee and make work which explored ways to combine all these elements within performance.


Their first solo show Stuffed premiered at The Place as part of Resolution, and later at The Royal Opera House as part of the Festival of Firsts. Beginning 2007 with a commission from the ROH springboarded them to begin working with other venues and directors to create new work using their newly established technique. 


Jamie and Wendy moved from London to Liverpool in 2003. They found a dirty and forgotten warehouse that had excellent rigging potential and meant they could develop their ideas while working around the clock in their own space. Christened The Higher Space, it was cleaned, shaped to their needs, installed with a range of aerial equipment and built into the beautiful space it is today. 


Natural explorers and inventors in every sense of the words, this dynamic duo has worked continually to build a way of moving that resulted in the development of Bungee-Assisted Dance and refinement of other harness techniques such as vertical wall work. Their attention to detail and compulsion to create means that Wendy and Jamie have become pioneers within the genre of aerial dance, advocates of their specialist technique and an almighty force for innovation and development in the aerial dance world.


In 2010 XTRAX and Wired joined forces to create an exciting and robust partnership. Maggie Clarke and her talented bunch of professionals allowed Wired to stretch out their arms and dreams to begin working in the capacity they had been dreaming of. As The World Tipped was project one of their collaborative history! A beast in itself!


Having created a number of aerial works to date, and with an ever-growing bunch of experienced and talented staff, Wired offer experienced creatives and collaborators, skilled in delivering the right amount of support and guidance, inspiration and information to all those who wish to work with aerial - The Everyman, Bluecoat (Liverpool), The Roundhouse, Lyric Hammersmith and The Royal Opera House (London) to name but a few.


Driven by the compulsion to develop the genre in a safe and intellectual manner, Wired designs and delivers bespoke aerial performance modules to two Higher Education institutions in Liverpool. Wired also creates bespoke master classes for groups of professional aerialists and companies, who travel from across the globe to gain specialist physical training in aerial techniques. This work allows the genre to develop in a safe way, protecting and safeguarding all of us for years to come.