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Jamie Ogilvie

Technical Director

At the age of 5 Jamie started climbing with his dad, travelling around the world conquering some of the hardest and most serious climbs that exist. He became Southern Indoor Bouldering champion 2 years in a row, represented Great Britain at the Commonwealth Youth Festival and has accomplished many successful climbs. Passionate about high altitude mountaineering, this is where he learnt the importance of safety and the correct use of equipment which he has now adapted and transfers into every aspect of his aerial architecture.


Jamie is an inventor. Most known for designing and managing the build of Wired Aerial Theatre’s iconic floating stage for As The World Tipped, a 10mx11m stage that with the use of a crane, moves the stage from horizontal to vertical and 20 metres in the air. Combining his experience and knowledge of climbing with his experience of working with a variety of aerial companies, he is now considered one of the most accomplished aerial display specialists in the world.


Jamie spent 6 years with De La Guarda, working as their Head Climber and has been involved with several large-scale collaborations outside of Wired, working as Climbing Director alongside Director, Tanimahuta Gray creating a West End Maori production called Maui: One Man Against the Gods in New Zealand. He has also worked for other companies such as: Gecko, Boilerhouse, Scarabeus, The Dream Engine, Scottish Dance Theatre, Bandbazi and currently works as Production Manager for the popular Argentinean company, FUERZABRUTA. 


As Technical Director for Wired Aerial Theatre Jamie works closely with Wendy to create all aerial movement and design for their rehearsals, training and productions. He is responsible for designing all aerial set-ups and ensuring safety throughout the company. He believes that the technical aspect of the performance is as important as the artistic and it is the unique blend of both of these that results in enjoyable, emotive and spectacular work.

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