Wired Aerial Theatre


Eliza Brittles, Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse

We engage artistically with young people aged 13-21 from communities in Liverpool, we currently engage with 25 young people in challenging circumstances. We brought a group of young men who were known to be gang affiliated and rather vulnerable to the Wired Studio. Four young men were pushed to their physical limits over the three hour workshop. Wendy pushed them in ways they hadn't before. These young men had real issues with authority before today so her tact was second to none. They engaged from the offset and listened hard to instruction. Best of all, and most crucially, they became artists like never before. She taught them how to fly.... and they loved it. Since then we've brought 4 more groups to the studio. We always seek new thrilling arts activities for Young People - the Wired space and team are up there with the very best in terms of standard, engagement an limitless possibilities to dance.

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