Wired Aerial Theatre


Julia Taffe, Artistic Director Aeriosa (Canada)

In 2013 I visited Wired to attend a 5-day bungee assisted dance workshop. I also booked a full day peer-to-peer technical exchange session with Wendy and Jamie. It was a fantastic experience. Wendy and her dancers are highly-trained, hard working and beautiful to watch. They inspired me (and whipped me into shape)! Their group teaching style is friendly, precise, inclusive, athletic, and generous. They have developed training methods that are beneficial for dancers of all levels. They are experts in their field and consummate professionals. I appreciated the opportunity to meet with peers and learn new skills specific to working with bungees. The research I completed at Wired allowed me to move forward with the creation of a  bungee assisted dance work for my own company Aeriosa. I believe this kind of professional exchange is critical for artists who are working with harness and rope systems. When we are open to learning from each other we are participating in the development of best practices for safety in our field of dance. Wired provides a great service to the art form and our community of vertical dnce artists by making training opportunities and professional consultations part of their regular programming. I look forward to seeing them again.

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