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Stephen Musa - Chair

Stephen started his Arts training back when he was a full time dance student at the Elliott—Clarke Theatre School, but his passion for contemporary dance came during his dance education at Bretton Hall and studying for his MA in performance at the University of Malta. Stephen has worked as part of The Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company and alongside choreographers such as Mavin Khoo. 

Stephen now works as a senior leader at a further education college in the North West, and has a proven record of change management and improved outcomes.

Stephen has always been an avid supporter of Wired Aerial Theatre and says he is inspired by the groundbreaking work we create, leading in our field and pushing dance and theatre to new heights.


Leah Biddle

Leah has worked within the North West Arts and Cultural sector for over 15 years. As a trained dancer and dance specialist she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Wired Board from fundraising and commissioning, to outreach, engagement and education.

Leah is currently in post as the Cultural Manager at Culture Warrington where she strategically develops the organisation's cultural programmes, venue redevelopments and artists commissions. Through her role she assists with the development of the Borough's wider cultural offer as the Chair of the Warrington LCEP and Cultural Consortium and as an Executive Partner with Dance Consortia North West. 

Leah is passionate about championing and developing dance in the North West and has a proven track record of supporting the sector, it's companies and individual dance artists throughout her career. 

Sally Wyatt

Sally has 20 years’ experience in the UK dance sector and is extremely passionate about supporting the development of the Arts and Cultural sector in the North West. 

Sally currently specialises in supporting artists and young people to access training and development opportunities. She works for The Lowry in Salford, where she leads on The Centre for Advanced Training in dance for the North West, as well as supporting dance companies and organisations such as One Dance UK to bring their programmes to the region. She has also worked on behalf of Youth Dance England, for Dance UK and closely alongside a number of networks and consortia to support the growth of the regional and national dance infrastructure. 

As having huge admiration for our ground breaking work in aerial dance theatre and art form development, Sally is particularly passionate about championing the team and its ethos to achieve further growth and success.




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