Wired Aerial Theatre


Vertical Wall


This is the most fun you can have when exercising!

This class is dynamic, exhilerating and exhausting all at the same time. It's the perfect work out and you get to laugh a lot and spin and whirl til your heart's content.

You will wear a climbing harness and be attached to a rope from the front of your body that runs to the top of our tensioned fabric wall. We teach specific exercises to help you change your perception of what it means to stand vertically on the wall, flipping your mind as well as your body by 90 degrees, and to train your body to build enough strength to work in the air without holding on to the rope. You will learn how to initiate and control pendulum swings, explore rolling and rotating through the air (which can only be done on a soft and bouncy fabric wall), and experience running and leaping from side to side.

Each class always builds a sequence so you get to bounce in perfect synchronicity with other class members. Did we mention you also build your very own six pack along the way!


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