Wired Aerial Theatre


Bungee-Assisted Dance


Our best creation yet!

This class isn’t just for dancers - it’s a great cardiovascular workout and muscle toner, focusing on strengthening and stabilizing the core of your body, all with an element of flight. A great alternative to regular aerobics!

It involves wearing a hip harness that connects to the bungee at the back of your body, so you can move with no restrictions in front of you. The bungee is tensioned so that you move and dance dynamically around the floor whilst experimenting in lift, flight, bounce and power. We explore a variety of skills throughout our lessons, from large, weighted movements to more subtle rotations, inversions and tips. You are fully in control of placing your feet back on the ground whenever you choose, and the more energy you give to the bungee, the more it gives you back in return.

Over our 23 years of working with general public and professionals, we have enjoyed teaching boxers, actors, aspiring fairies, administrators, footballers, and celebrities. Come one and ALL! 

Take a look at the history of Bungee-Assisted Dance here!

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