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Aerial Intensive

Join us for a thrilling 3-day Aerial Intensive and discover the joy of Bungee-Assisted Dance. Sign up before 4pm on the 8th August!

Flip your world and strengthen your skills with expert guidance from us:  internationally acclaimed Wired Aerial Theatre.


Bungee-Assisted Dance was developed in 1999, offering unique movement possibilities.

  • You will wear a harness connected to a bespoke bungee.
  • Allowing you the freedom to move on the ground and effortlessly explore the airspace above and around, beyond the usual limits.
  • You will explore lift, flight, and power in the air and on the ground.

Vertical Wall

  • Initiate and control pendulum swings, rolls and rotations in the air
  • Stand and move vertically on the wall
  • New perspectives & muscle engagement

Our expert teachers understand performers' needs, ensuring a supportive and exciting experience. We offer personalised sessions for all experience levels.

If you're curious about our work, this intensive is your chance to learn. Wired Aerial Theatre are always on the lookout for talented performers and our Aerial Intensive will provide excellent preparation for future auditions with us.


Aimed at all dancers and performers aged 18+


Location & times

Wednesday 21st August - Friday 23rd August 2024

10AM - 4PM

Everton Park Lifestyles Sports Centre

Great Homer St, L5 5PH, Liverpool



Early Bird (if paid by 19th of July): £325

Regular: £350



If you have any questions, please contact Michaela at [email protected] or 07473 295497

A PDF with all details for future reference can be found here

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