Wired Aerial Theatre


Handmade Manmade

Handmade/Manmade is awash with surreal surprises and stagecraft. The sensory show bounces high above three structures catching magical moments and awesome, spectacular bungee propelled swinging and swooping.

We love and hate the ties that bind us to reality... Wired Aerial Theatre tricks the laws of gravity and audience's perception of what's real in their own synthetic paradise, but hey, what's real anyway in an artificial world?

Wendy and her delightful duo chase their tails and go nowhere fast. They are just too darned busy to accomplish anything much. They have forgotten what is real, how to press eject and how they ever functioned before they started running at life.

Handmade/Manmade was commissioned by the Royal Opera House and premiered in November 2006 at the Linbury Theatre, as part of the ROH2 programme.

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