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As The World Tipped


As The World Tipped Contextual video - Closed Captions 


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As The World Tipped (Official trailer) - Closed Captions 


As The World Tipped is the largest and regarded as one of the finest large-scale outdoor shows to be produced by a UK company. After much success, it came back at Wentworth Woodhouse in November 2019, and is on it's way to Adelaide in Australia in March 2020, at the beautiful WOMADelaide Festival in Botanic Park

An epic and stunningly realised portrait of the disaster we may all be facing .... [As The World Tipped] is a lot more than mere spectacle. It does that rare thing - it makes you gulp with astonishment, but also think.

Mark Shenton, The Stage

Combining dramatic film and visuals with breath-taking aerial performance, As the World Tipped confronts one of the most pressing issues for the planet with spectacle, humour and emotion. At the Secretariat of the Copenhagen Climate Change conference, harassed staff fail to notice as the world around them, literally and metaphorically, slides toward disaster. Suspended above the audience in the night sky, the performers struggle to control their increasingly precarious world as they do battle with the effects of a drastic environmental catastrophe.

Written and directed by Nigel Jamieson, one of the world’s leading creators of outdoor spectacle (Sydney Olympics, Liverpool Capital of Culture). The show has played over 50 times; to audiences across the UK and festivals in France, Germany, Australia, Chile, South Korea, Italy and more. Last year, As The World Tipped featured at Sziget one of Europe's biggest music, culture and arts festivals.


To see one of our most unmissable shows if you happen to be in Australia in March, book your tickets here.



Amy Hallam

Bass Gonzalez

Bilal Bachir

Daniela Larsen

Emilio Diaz Abregu

Grace Sellwood

Jacomo Nardi

Jake Gresham

Jamie Ogilvie

Josh Hutchby

Luke Murphy

Steve Egan





Creative Team

Artistic Director: Wendy Hesketh-Ogilvie

Technical Director: Jamie Ogilvie

Production Manager: Emilio Diaz Abregu

Head Crew: Sandy Ogilvie

Chief LX: Gareth Barton

AV Operator: James Bragger

Producer: XTRAX


Past tours:

Norfolk & Norwich Festival May 2011

Brighton Festival May 2011

Greenwich & Docklands International Festival June 2011

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral July 2011

Stockton International Festival August 2011

Platform 4 Festival August 2011

Mintfest September 2011

Sydney Festival January 2012

SO Festival Skegness June 2012

Tollwood Festival July 2012

IF Festival Milton Keynes July 2012

Fira Terrega September 2012

Viva Cité June 2013

Greenwich and Docklands International Festival June 2013

Festival Deventer on Stilts July 2013

Appetite August 2013

Temudas Festival August 2013

Derby Feste September 2013

Hastings September 2013

Four Squares Weekender September 2013

Bradford Festival October 2013

Fuse Medway Festival June 2014

 Kulturhause Festival July & August 2014

Flurstücke Int. Festival 015 June 2015

Le Festival d’Aurillac August 2014

 Hi! Seoul Festival October 2015

Toulon September 2016

Freedom Festival September 2016

Torino July 2016

 Les Accroche-Cœurs September 2017

Santiago a Mil January 2018

Sziget Festival August 2018

WE Wonder Noir November 2019

WOMADelaide Festival 2020



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