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30 November 2018

Wired were part of a brilliant two-day ‘Superhuman Academy’ in Portugal, which promoted Brooks brand new Infiniti running shoes. In September, Grace along with Viva led our Superhumans up a vertical wall on the side of a spectacular mirrored building. The superhuman wall runner’s focused on their core strength to develop run performance and therefore develop fewer injuries. Our climbers did a stonking job up there, lifting and lowering each of the 67 participants. The experience left our participants feeling truly superhuman, developing enough strength to be able to walk in the air without holding on to the rope.


We loved being part of an incredible and exciting challenge. It was great to see our participants develop and experience ‘Superhuman’ capabilities. All whilst enjoying magnificent views in such beautiful weather.


Check out some of our photos below from this amazing project.










Image credit: New Balls Please

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