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Reaching New Heights: Wired Aerial Theatre and B&R Productions join forces.

22 August 2023

B&R Productions was founded in 1998 by Christine Harmar-Brown and Ian Ross to produce new work and revivals of contemporary classics. They are renowned for their pioneering work in developing creative people, places, and projects, and have carved a unique niche in the world of artistic innovation.  


We have big and exciting plans for Wired’s future, and we are thrilled to have Ian on board as our Executive Director to inspire, encourage, challenge and support our creative practice alongside organisational resilience and growth.  


This collaboration is a significant milestone for both organisations as we embark on a journey to bring creative innovation to new heights. 

We have a shared vision of breaking the boundaries of creativity and nurturing artistic dream teams. Our knowledge and expertise in the art of aerial performances combined with Ian’s experience in cultivating creative potential is a fusion destined to leave a lasting mark on the artistic landscape. 


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