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Q&A with Dance Performer Viva Foster!

24 March 2018

Tell us about your dance background?
My dance background is predominantly contemporary and ballet. I trained full time at the National Theatre Ballet School in Melbourne, where I also learnt jazz, flamenco and character dance. After graduating, I moved to the UK and studied contemporary at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. During my time at Laban I trained in release, Cunningham, Graham and Limon influenced techniques. As Wired Aerial Theatre’s Dance Performer, I am training in bungee assisted dance and vertical wall, which I absolutely love!

How does your training influence your classes?
My class material draws from all of my technical training, and is also hugely influenced by teachers and choreographers that I have worked with including, Charles Linehan, Adam Wheeler (Australia) and Cristian Duarte (Brazil), so although release based, my classes are a bit of a mixing pot!

How are these ground based Company Classes specific to aerial dance?
Dance is at the core of all Wired Aerial Theatre’s work, so it is important that the performers have a strong understanding of how they can use their body on the ground in order to be able to transfer these skills to the air. These classes offer the opportunity and space for dancers to explore, embody and understand qualities that are essential for aerial dance. They focus on articulation and awareness of the pelvis and the use of weight, flow, power and dynamics in the body. Particularly important for aerial dance, imagery is used to play with these ideas, and dancers are encouraged to take risks and push the boundaries in order to find new possibilities.

What is the objective of this Company Class?
Company Class works alongside the aerial dance we do at Wired Aerial Theatre, acting as both training and preparation for bungee assisted dance and vertical wall (if you are also interested in trying aerial dance, bungee assisted dance classes start at The Higher Space on the 12th of April!).
It also provides a regular opportunity for high level dancers to maintain and develop their contemporary technique, strength and stamina. Wired Aerial Theatre are really excited to open our space and make connections with local artists, so we hope to see you soon!

Company Class is every  Monday 9:30-11am
Drop in: £3.00
Classes will be at: The Higher Space, 10 Cotton Street, Liverpool L3 7DY. 

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