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Prepared to have your World Tipped at Wentworth Woodhouse!

3 September 2019

One of our most dramatic and breath-taking shows, As The World Tipped will be astonishing audiences at Wentworth Woodhouse. WE Wonder Festival will be at Wentworth Woodhouse for the first time with celebrations of outdoor creativity, performance and spectacle. A stately home, with a rich history Wentworth Woodhouse will provide a picturesque backdrop to the stunning visuals of As The World Tipped.

After over 50 shows in the UK, France, Germany, Australia and many more and  featuring at one of the Europe’s biggest music, culture and arts festival – Sziget, As The World Tipped is now back, closer to home for our UK audiences. Confronting one of the most pressing issues today, As The World Tipped has never been more relevant than before. At the Secretariat of the Copenhagen Climate Change conference, harassed staff fail to notice as the world around them, literally and metaphorically, slides toward disaster. Suspended above the audience in the night sky, the performers struggle to control their increasingly precarious world as they do battle with the effects of a drastic environmental catastrophe. Combining dramatic film and visuals with breath-taking aerial performance, As The World Tipped is an unmissable performance you have to see.


If you would like to find out more or to book contact [email protected] or call +44 (0) 161 227 8383.




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