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Open Class with Artistic Director

10 January 2017

In 2017 our Artistic Director, Wendy Hesketh-Ogilvie and Stuart Waters, an independent dance artist who has performed with Wired since 2008, will be working on a new collaborative project funded by the Arts Council. The first stage of development involves spending two weeks researching creative ideas, and week one will take place at The Higher Space!

On 16th & 18th January, 9am-10.15am each day, Wendy and Stuart will be opening class in the mornings for local dance, theatre or circus artists. The class will involve explorative tasks which are planned for solo and pair work, and will be linked to a theatrical work to be developed by Ben Duke. The class will get you incredibly warm, focused and in tune with each other and the room as a whole.

If you'd like to come please drop us a line via our contact form. The fee is just £5, payable on the day.

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