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Meet some of our team from Me vs Me!

30 June 2022

Meet Gavin Vincent!

Background: Physiotherapy graduate. Started out as a Breaker at age 18


How does your knowledge of physiotherapy help your performance?

The focus is on getting the right aesthetic without compromising one’s body – often artists/dancers compromise their physicality to achieve certain movements. My focus is on how to achieve the right style, look, moves without causing extra stress to the body. 

How did you get into dance and performing arts? 

Some friends asked if I wanted to go to a show. It turned out to be the UK B-Boy championships. I met some students on the journey home who ran a session they had organised, that took place twice a week at Reading University, so I used to go there after school. 

Favourite dance style: 

I don’t have a favourite. It’s more about the movement, the feel and what the piece is saying. 


For an absolute beginner who wanted to learn to dance but had no idea where to begin… what would you recommend and why? 

Something they’re comfortable with. The environment has to be right, if you don’t feel comfortable you won’t open up. The wrong space can be very limiting!


How did you come to work with Wired Aerial Theatre? 

I auditioned for Rigoletto in 2018. I started working with them as a result – and would’ve been part of As The World Tipped, but due to Covid this did not go ahead. I was invited again for Me vs Me. 

How did your role progress within your time working with Wired?

I started in a ground-based performer role in Rigoletto. Later, I continued to get involved and expressing an interest in how things worked. Jamie showed me some of the basics in climbing techniques and rigging and it went from there. I went on to complete my IRATA Level 1 Technician in Rigging & Wire work. 


One of Wired’s policies is the continued upskilling of performers and workforce – going forward, what other knowledge would you see as essential that others in this industry learn?

Being mindful of the space you’re in. With equipment, checking, then checking again, then checking again!

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