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CRF Funding bid success!

13 October 2020


Wired Aerial Theatre has been awarded funding from the first round of the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund.
Thanks to the government’s #CultureRecoveryFund we can continue to be #HereForCulture.

We are 1 out of 163 Cultural organisations in the Northwest to benefit from this funding and share this moment with another 1,384 organisations across the UK.

During the time since March’s lockdown Wired has done a serious amount of ‘growing up’. We have read, listened, talked, cried, asked for help and advice, looked to old friends for guidance and new friends for inspiration. We have a lot of relevant plans to share with you all. If you thought our wings were beautiful before COVID, just wait until we begin to emerge from this chrysalis and show our full spectrum of colours. As an NPO we will make every penny count and ask you to help us paint this new world with colour combinations like never before.
Creating GREAT ART, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, Stability, infrastructure, placements with a true pathway to employment - Watch this space and follow our journey.

We are so very thankful for this opportunity as we also respectfully acknowledge how devastating receiving different news today may be for other organisations. Even more so now, we want to express that our virtual doors are open and our phone lines are ready to receive calls. Let’s all talk more and make plans to be resourceful as we negotiate new ways ahead.

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