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Aerial Dance Theatre Performer

Wired is thrilled and proud to be posting this audition notice, and we acknowledge that we wouldn’t be able to do so if it weren’t for the support we received during the pandemic. 

We emerge a changed/developed/distilled organisation with refocussed dreams and aspirations and a strong plan. We are looking for sensational humans to join us on our journey.


Wired are recreating a fabulous outdoor rep piece, Straw Dog which toured across the UK to free festivals in and around 2010. After the redevelopment stage the piece will emerge as Me v Me. This will be the first production from Wired’s Metamorphous strand, an artistic arc of work that explores mental health and celebrates the resilience of the human spirit in the context of the modern world.


Me v Me is a Wired Aerial Theatre production artistically directed by Wendy Hesketh-Ogilvie and choreographed by Henri Oguike who will return to develop the original theme – an exploration of the duality of mental health. This work will be re-created with WAT’s new approach that prioritises creative exploration and emotional journeys within a safeguarded framework.


Me v Me will launch in February 22 with a short tour and will tour again in schools and FE colleges in Sept/Oct later in the year. Each performance will be supported by wraparound workshops provided by our dedicated learning and participation team. 

We are eager to appoint creatives that will be available for both tour periods.



CONTRACT: 3rd Jan – 8th Feb

LOCATION: TBC in Liverpool 

FEE: £3300

APPLY UNTIL: 8th Dec 2021 by midday

NOTIFIED OF AUDITION: 9th Dec up to evening time

DATES OF AUDITION: 13th, 14th, 15th December 


Wired Aerial Theatre is searching for 2 dynamic, grounded and experienced performers with experience in devising dance/physical theatre work, contact improvisation and creating character through movement. Aerial work can be painful in the beginning, so it is important you are aware of this.

We work hard, aerial work is tiring and because it requires accuracy we know that it is a vital personality trait to be interested in the details and be driven to repeat and repeat something until the skill has been cracked and looks great. If you don’t have these qualities then it isn’t the job for you.


The successful applicant will need to be able to dance on the ground, as well as in the air working with a counterbalance climber. Wired will provide training in their signature technique, bungee-assisted dance as part of this project. The main attributes that assist in becoming a proficient bungee-assisted dancer are understanding the use of gravity and momentum to facilitate efficient movement, sharing weight and ability to trust. 


Counter-balance work involves counter-balancer and performer being connected by a rope – each on opposite ends. The counter-balancer lifts and lowers the performer into the air as part of the choreography. 


Audition is by invitation only and will last for 3 days. You must be available for all 3 days- 13th, 14th, 15th December 2021


Taking positive action in advertising jobs is permitted under the 2010 UK Equality Act, where a protected characteristic is under-represented in a workplace. Wired Aerial Theatre is part of the UK’s arts and cultural sector, where ethnic diversity is under-represented in aerial (harness) performance roles, particularly bungee-assisted dance. Because we are committed to building an inclusive workforce and society, we welcome applications from all areas of our community, and in particular from applicants of ethnically diverse heritage.



Application process:

Read all the information regarding the PERFORMER opportunity and make sure you are available for the 3 day audition and the work period
Fill in and submit the application form (don’t forget to send your CV and cover letter explaining why you want to work for Wired to [email protected], and upload your 2 videos of you dancing, cover letter which details why you want to work for Wired). Press submit
Fill in and submit the ED&I form which follows directly after submitting the application form
We will send an email ONLY to those we wish to invite to audition by 9th December. 


Creating your TWO videos:

Using the theme of the original production, Straw Dog, and having watched the original production [see link: https://www.wiredaerialtheatre.com/productions/straw-dog], please record yourself dancing in TWO different videos. Each video should be no longer than 1 minute in length.

What to create: We would like to view your individual response to the ‘duality of mental health’ and watch how you move physically and perhaps differently, in response to this theme in both videos. Please also consider the other attributes we are looking for and we would also encourage you to add in any aspect of your movement that you feel is individual to you.

The reason we are asking you to do this is so that we can see how you dance/move and engage with the theme, carrying it in your body rather than ‘acting’ it. How you use your weight to shift and move around, how you move from the ground to the air and back again. Having an understanding of lifting your weight and carrying it while dancing is such a perfect start to truly understanding how to dance while connected to a bungee. 
Take time to plan what you show us. Ensure that you show us your full skill range and absolutely consider the information we have provided above.
Videos shot using your phone are perfectly fine. Lock it off and let us see you without any filters or different angles. This shouldn’t feel like a job in itself. We don’t require any additional effects either, so please do not spend time adding these things. 



Audition information:

We will notify you by email that you are invited to audition by 9th December 
We will provide accommodation for you for the full duration of the audition. We will provide a fee of £100 per day while you are auditioning with us 
We will not provide travel fees for this audition. Should this provide a financial barrier to you attending, please let us know via [email protected] and we will contact you directly to discuss how we may be able to support you to attend
We hope to make the final decision on our cast on the last day of the audition, please ensure you are fully aware of the dates of the contract so that we could issue you with a contract on this date. 


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